Membership Site Case Study

Membership Site Case Study: Why Does Nomad List Work So Well?

Membership Site Case StudyMembership sites ultimately offer perhaps the best balance of passive income and stability of any online business model – or of any business model at all for that matter!

But while this much is true, it’s also true that membership sites are particularly tough to crack. That’s because these businesses are essentially trying to sell something that the rest of the internet gives away for free – and that in turn can be a pretty tricky thing to do (understandably).

This is why it’s so useful to look at examples where this model works particularly well. And one of the very best examples of that comes from the excellent Nomad List. So let’s break down this particular site and find out just what it is about it that makes it so effective – and what you can mimic for your own business.

It’s a Subculture

People love to feel like they’re a part of something, they love to be involved in a movement and they love being able to celebrate their lifestyle with others like them. This is why any ‘subculture’ will invariably work very well for a membership site.

Hashtag nomads is aimed squarely at ‘digital nomads’. These are people who earn a living online while traveling and that is very much a subculture that is ‘up and coming’. People feel excited to be a part of this movement and thus they want to make sure that this is a prominent part of their identity – and becoming a member of Nomad List is a great way to go about that.

This also has another benefit – in that people will provide free marketing for Hashtag Nomads because they’re so excited to be members.

It Offers Career Benefits

Some of the most successful membership sites are those that offer to help members earn money. The reason for this is simple: it turns membership into an investment and allows them to remove any ‘buyers’ guilt’. What’s more, is that it lets them claim it as a tax expense!

It Has a Great Design and Lots to Offer

Visit the Nomad List site and you’ll be greeted with well-made animations that shows people travelling, flying and working on their computers. Not only does this immediately ‘sell the dream’ of what the site is promising but it also helps to make sure that visitors know immediately that this is a premium website that will offer high quality content inside.

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